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a thought just popped into my head:  the reason i write (or type would be more appropriate) on ep, is not so strangers will feel sorry for me.  its so i can let out the pain & emotions i have.  yes, i am a pessimist...and yes, words are easier said than done.  but that's not the whole me.

i am a bright and charming woman with much to offer.  i just got this great job that's a whole lot better (paying) than my last.  we just rented this great house about 35 minutes from where i work.  we have always lived in apartments, but i like having space that is ours...even if it is just rented space.  2 floors, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a yard that's fenced in, with a playground in the back for my little one.  of course the process of moving can be difficult.  having to start your (& a family's) life over again in this brand new city.  which schools, which day cares, how to get from point A to point B...yada, yada.

will my husband ever finish school.  will my husband find a job that he truly loves.  will he ever be home with the kids and i more often.  will i ever feel at peace with him.  will he ever let us be equal partners, raising the children not only on his terms, but on an even playing field w/ me.

these are all questions that need answers, but i'm not going to find them here.  i just need a place to rant & rave about my lifestyle and the way i feel about it!

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